Get your horses skin HEALTHY FASTER!

Is This Your Horse?

Tail Hair Loss, No mane due to itching, Intense itching along the mid-line, Scab patches on skin?

Top-rated herbal blend using natural herbs for all breeds of horses. 

Natural support for your horse’s immune system to stop the itch. 

Symptoms of Summer Eczema/Sweet Itch

  • Hairless, reddened, encrusted, itchy areas on the base of the tail, mid-line of the belly, mane, and neck
  • Itchy, raw skin
  • Bug bite reactions
  • Hair loss
  • Red, crusty outbreaks
  • Want to get off steroids



Q: Why is my horse itching?

A: Insect bites cause a hypersensitivity skin reaction creating itchy skin. You will see hives or blood dripping from where the bites occurred. The bites from culicoides gnats create the most itch response in horses. These pests are the size of the period at the end of this sentence.

Q: What else can I do to protect my horse's skin?

A: A strong fly spray should be used 2x day - morning and dusk. Bathes 3x/week help by removing crusts around bite areas and it removes the urine attraction that gnats love. Do Summer Eczema powder + Fly Spray 2x/day + bathes = SUCCESS.

Q: Can I Race/Show/Rodeo on Summer Eczema Powder?

A: YES legal in all competition. There is NO withdrawal time. SE Powder is all Natural, Drug-Free, tastes great.


30 day supply for Active Cases - 2 times a day

6 0 day supply for a Maintenance Dosage – 1 time a day

Comes in two (2) flavors - Molasses and Sugar-Free Apple.

Comes in Powder (60 Servings) and Liquid (50 Servings)

Note: Liquid Needs To Be Refrigerated at All Times



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