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For over thirty five plus years Donna White of White Haven Farm in Upton, MA has provided veterinary facilities and individuals in the private sector with flooring unsurpassed in quality, dependability, and safety. After leaving her position as a purchasing manager of a multi-million dollar mail order business, a market demand for quality rubber floor mats and professional installation drew Donna into the trade. "The horses helped me do the practical research of each brand I tried in my barn," Donna recalls. "Eventually I found the perfect mat." Friends and those who received riding instruction from Donna soon began to ask how they could get the same thing done, and her business was born.

Husband and building contractor Bill White takes pride in his installation work. Lifelong animal owners and equestrians, the Whites understand the importance of safety and sanitation. This is why they offer installation of beveled edged mats as well as conventional square edges in a variety of styles, thicknesses, and sizes. The beveled edge makes it especially safe for animals recovering from surgery as well as reducing the tripping hazards to humans. It also aids in the rolling of surgical gurneys and other equipment.

Each mat seam is caulked together to create an impervious seal against dirt, moisture, and bacteria which allows a sanitary environment. White Haven's completed job is resilient to nearly all cleaning solvents/solutions (contact them for verification) including bleach. The mats in White Haven Farm are routinely cleaned using a 3500 PSI power washer with extremely hot water.

White Haven Farm is also committed to innovation. In the past Donna had refused to sell interlocking mats due to their tendency towards tearing and creating safety hazards. She then devoted seven years to finding a system which works and sells an Interlock mat which meets her high standards.

Donna has also added yet another proven mat to the list of quality products that she offers; the "O.R." Mat. It's softer, yet just as durable for equines with joint, orthopedic and foot problems. The "O.R." mat is available in square, interlock, or a combination of both - and of course it can also be caulked. These mats have already been put to use in stalls, aisles, kennels, and gym work-out rooms with terrific results.

Last but not least she has also added a “Fun” mat to her line. This is the Horse Head Door Mat, tired of replacing the ones she could buy everywhere that never seemed to last she made her own with the same quality and standards that are in all her mats. It’s the door mat that will probably outlive the door.

Through the years, Donna has followed through with her business philosophy; Integrity Matters. By using only her own handpicked, reliable crew, Donna ensures the satisfaction of every client. The quality of the mats, coupled with the custom installation option, ensures the ideal environment for the animal's health, safety, and well-being as well as that of the staff. In over 33+ years, White Haven Farm has never found a customer to be less than satisfied with any job they have done. White Haven Farm understands firsthand how important it is to provide the best for its animals, in health an sickness, and approaches each job with the same respect and attention to detail that they demand in their own stalls, aisle, wash stall, kennel and trailer.

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