Wound Care

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Bandage Scissors
Universal Bandage Scissors Universal Bandage Scissors are designed for both tape and finished ban..
BB® Satin Star Standard Leg Wraps
BB® Satin Star Standard Leg Wraps BB Satin Star Standard Leg Wraps original “SHEET-COTTON” bonded..
Emerald Valley Antiseptic w/ Tea Tree Oil
Antiseptic with tea tree oil All natural wound cleanser for horses and dogs Emerald Valley’s A..
$11.95 - $16.95
Emerald Valley Ease It
Ease it Wound salve for horses and dogs Just as the name suggests, Ease It is the right choice..
$13.95 - $20.95
Emerald Valley Gift Set
Emerald Valley Gift Set For your trainer, vet, farrier, or best horsey friend… it’s the perfect e..
Emerald Valley Orange Oil Shampoo
Orange oil shampoo All natural horse and dog shampoo with orange oil This all natural horse sh..
$4.25 - $93.95
Emerald Valley Shampoo w/Tea Tree Oil
EV Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree Oil shampoo for horses and dogs EV Shampoo with Tea Tree..
$4.25 - $95.95
Emerald Valley Soothex
Soothex For skin irritations and scratches in horses and dogs Natural healing for insect bites..
$16.95 - $25.95
Equinature Aloe & Tea Tree
Equinature Aloe & Tea Tree Lotion /Spray /Wipes Great for your Horse, Dog and YOU! ..
$19.00 - $39.00
Equinature SkinMend Herbal Salve
Equinature SkinMend Herbal Salve - SAFE for People and Pets Equinature SkinMend Herbal Salve..
$18.00 - $18.00
Gamgee® Highly Absorbent Padding Gamgee® Highly Absorbent Padding is a hospital quality 100% cott..
Assured Digital Thermometer - Fast & Accurate Easy to read LCD screen Accurate to within..
TickEase features: Designed specifically to comply with the CDC’s tick removal guidelines ..
$10.99 $8.99
Vetericyn™ - Wound & Infection Treatment - Horses, Dogs, Cats, Exotics      ..
Vetrap™ Bandaging Tape -  4" x 5 yards Adheres to itself, but not to hair or skin! Poro..

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