Cooked Linseed - GMO FREE -Condition, Performance and Well-being

Instant Conditioning Linseed

British Horse Feeds Cooked Linseed is 100% whole linseed that has been cooked and micronised to provide the highest quality linseed with optimal digestibility and bio-availability of its nutrients.

Processing has involved only heat, moisture and grinding to ensure improved nutrient availability; no added chemicals have been used.

BHF Cooked Linseed is an ideal addition to any feeding regime, to add key elements of protein and oil. Naturally low in starch and sugar, it is suitable as a feed stuff across all dietary requirements, breeds and activities.  It can be fed directly from the bag or, if preferred, top dressed on hard feeds or on our soaked feed range, Speedi-Beet or Fibre-Beet.

  • The product consists of clean dark brown meal or flakes of Non-GM Linseed, cooked and micronised
  • Supports muscle development and recovery
  • Excellent source of Omegas 3,6 & 9, which aids skin and coat condition
  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • Helps maintain a healthy, shiny coat
  • Good source of minerals and trace elements
  • Provides slow release and non-heating energy
  • Ready to feed straight from the sack
  • A good nutritious feed for performance, condition, skin and coat and well-being
  • High quality protein, with an amino acid profile that supports muscle activity and adds topline
  • Ideal supplementary feed for forage/fibre-based diets

Recommended for:

  • forage/fiber based diets
  • horses and ponies prone to laminitis
  • support of muscle activity and add topline
  • slow release energy

Cooked Linseed is produced by BRITISH HORSE FEEDS, Europe's leading manufacturer of micronized feeds.




Cooked Linseed

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